The Safety of our Customers and our Employees are our primary concern.

We have new policies & procedures in place to ensure the safety of our customers & employees while in the Laundromats.  Twice a day our attendants are disinfecting the common spaces of the Laundromats.  This include washer & dryer fronts, door handles, computer touch screens, folding tables & seats.  This will continue for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have the following rules in place to help minimize the risk of infection to our customers & employees:
1.   Actual Distancing – Please keep a minimum of 6′ from other persons while in the Laundromat.
2.   Do Not Shake out your Laundry – This minimizes the risk of spreading the virus.
3.   Social Distancing – Consider leaving the Laundromat when the clothes are in the washers or dryers. Take a walk or sit in your car while your laundry is in the machines. This will minimize your exposure to other people.
4.   Masks are Required – Wear your masks at all times when in the laundromat. No entry without one.

By all working together we will make it through this crisis together.   We thank you for your patronage and your cooperation during these challenging times.