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Why people love doing laundry with us



Excellent machines and service

Maria , Google Review

Clean, convenient, reasonably priced…

Tony , Google Review

Always open. Card and cash accepted, No machine issues. Clean. Nice music.

King , Google Review

Always open. Pretty good at up keeping units

Tyrell , Google Review

Clean and you can use a credit card, avoiding all the change!

Hallie , Google Review

About Us

The Lexington Avenue Laundromat is between Lexington Square Resturant and the Mobil station on Route 117.  This Laundromat has brand new Huebsch Washer-Extractors and many Stack Dryers.  There are plenty of large capacity washers & dryers in this Air Conditioned, nice neat & clean Laundromat.

The Lexington Avenue Laundromat has convenient off-street parking in the rear of the laundromat.  The has nice clean ceramic floors, Air Conditioning and a public bathroom for our customers.  We also sell large laundry products and have a drink/soda machine.  In addition, our Laundry Card system and we accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit and non-pin debit cards.

This Huebsch equipped laundry equipment is a Green “earth friendly” Laundromat with high energy efficient washers which include the High-Speed Extract washers.  These high-speed washers extract more water from your clothes which shorten drying time, save you money and are better for your clothes.  These washers also save energy too, making them a win-win combination.

Lexington Avenue Laundromat is conveniently located between the Mobil gas station on Rte 117 and the Lexington Square restaurant.  There is parking in the back parking lot.

Huebsch High Speed Extract washers have the ability to Super Size your wash with the Extra Wash & Extra Rinse cycle modifiers.  Choose Extras without having to rewash the entire load.

Huebsch washers are American made in Wisconsin and have a high 200 G-force extract.  The high speed extract reduces the moisture in the clothes reducing the drying time and saving you time & money.

The Lexington Avenue Laundromat has plenty of Hot dryers to quickly and efficiently dry your clothes.

This store is equipped with the Laundry Card system for your convenience.  The Laundry Card system accepts currency, VISA, MasterCard and Discover (both credit & debit cards).