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Why people love doing laundry with us


Excellent machines and service

Maria , Google Review

Clean, convenient, reasonably priced…

Tony , Google Review

Always open. Card and cash accepted, No machine issues. Clean. Nice music.

King , Google Review

Always open. Pretty good at up keeping units

Tyrell , Google Review

Clean and you can use a credit card, avoiding all the change!

Hallie , Google Review

About Us

The Rose Hill Laundromat is located in the Rose Hill Shopping Center located on Columbus Avenue in Thornwood, NY.  The shopping center has the ACME Super Market, CVS, Silvio’s Italian Restaurant, Artuso Bakery, Dunkin Donuts, Carvel Ice Cream, Chase & Apple Banks and many other businesses.  There is plenty of parking and the Laundromat has laundry carts for our customer’s convenience.

The Rose Hill Laundromat has plenty of large washers for your customers’ convenience and many matching large dryers so you can get all of your laundry processed in one time while shopping for groceries at the same time.  The store is equipped with the American made Huebsch washers & dryers. These high-speed extract washers are very efficient and will spin more water out of your clothes for faster drying time. The high-speed extract washers save you drying time, are better for your clothes and speed you through the laundry process faster.  This is a convenient card-operated Laundromat which accepts currency along with VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit & debit cards.

Huebsch Dryers come in 3 different sizes so you always have a dryer for your sized clothes.  The huge 80 lbs dryer is great for blankets, sleeping bags, and spreads.

Huebsch Washers allow you to customize your wash with the Extra Wash and Extra Rinse cycle modifiers.  Simple intuitive operation.

Huebsch washers are High-Speed Extract washers that save you time & money and are better for your clothes.

We offer soap products and laundry supplies.